COVID Coop Up: Turn Worry into Quality Time, Tip #3

covid-19 pandemic tips to promote sel Mar 20, 2020

You good?

How are you adjusting to the new normal? Isn't it weird how it feels like we've been WFH and homeschooling for forever? For most of us, it's only been 6 days! #OMG #areyouserious #thestruggleisreal @shondarhimes is even feeling it. 

Need help? 

At Odyssey, we love the idea of using tech to get analog (getting back to old school human-to-human vibes) and believe that when tech's powers are used for good, it can serve as an awesome platform for growth and development. We're not the only people who believe this. From big companies to famous authors and illustrators to moms on blogs, here are some *free* (yup, FREE!) services/classes/ideas that you can use in your new role as teacher. 

Tip #3: Use Tech for Good

Audible has launched Audible Stories, a free service that is offering audiobook content for kids, teens, and families. Stories are categorized from the "littlest listeners" to "teens" to "literary classics." You can find stories in 6 languages. As long as school is out, you'll be able to directly stream stories on your desktop, laptop, smart phone, or tablet. 

Mo Willems of Elephant & Piggie fame is hosting a lunch doodle every day (11am PST) through the Kennedy Center Education Artist-in-Residence series. Have your kids ever wanted to draw Elephant or Piggie? Now's their chance. Click here to see his last 4 episodes and to join him in the fun. 

Wendy MacNaughton, NYT best-selling illustrious illustrator and drawer of life, is giving art classes every school day at 10am PST. Check her out on instagram live. 

The Neon Tea Party (TNTP) is home to a super colorful online craft studio. Remember making poms poms, tassels, friendship bracelets, and tie dye? Well, you don't have to. With clear step-by-step pictures, TNTP shows you exactly how to get knotty. 

Jarrett Lerner is a comic book illustrator and is releasing a series of illustrated activities each day. His take on his daily activities is super cool. If you like mad libs, you're gonna love his "Finish This Comic!" activity series. 

This mom, owner of Milwaukee with Kids, has a cool post on 5 activities that you can do with your kids. All of these activities use 2-5 things that you should have in your house. No need for a Target run. You can put the hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes away. Phew!

Hope this helps! We're all in this together. Stay sane...and healthy! 

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