COVID Coop Up: Turn Worry into Quality Time, Tip #8

covid-19 pandemic tips to promote sel Apr 03, 2020

How are you?

We're hoping that you have found some ease during this "new (and temporary) normal." For some of us, we're into week three of safer-at-home or shelter-in-place orders (Say whaaaa?). The title of our series "COVID Coop Up" is really hitting home for us. AND, with some of us home during spring break, we literally feel cooped up! 

Tip #8: Get outside

Whoa now. Y'all know what we mean. Get outside, BUT please practice physical distancing (6ft!). Here are some fun ways to get outside...

Dance Party! Neighborhoods all over are hosting dance parties where one neighbor plays music and people dance in their own yards, together! You can get one started by texting your neighbors a date/time, set up a boom box (I see you '80s kids), and then well, dance! Take Shelly Glennon's lead. 

Go for a walk - Ok, we know this isn't the most original idea, but it's still a good one. Get outside and get some sun on your face. If this sounds boring, change it up. Take a wagon, use a scooter, dust off those old roller blades. Try to use your senses. Can you find 5 things that are yellow, identify 3 things you hear, and 2 things you smell? Get creative.

Play hopscotch - You know that sidewalk chalk you got out for Tip#7? Well, hopefully you didn't put it back yet! If you don't remember how to play or have never played, check this out. 

Jumprope - If you don't have a jumprope, that's ok. Can you find something, anything else that could work? If you don't have enough people to hold the rope, tie one end to a tree, post, or gate. How many times can you jump over the rope without getting caught? This website has some fun jump rope games.

Draw a landscape - Release your inner Van Gogh (but please leave your ear attached)! Go outside with some art supplies, a portable hard surface, and some paper. Get comfy. Draw what you see. Text a picture of your picture to someone you love. 

Take a drive with the windows down - Hop in the car, wind down the windows, and turn up the tunes. You might as well bring the dog, too!

Go for a bike ride - Dust off the bike, grab your helmets, and put air in those tires. Take a leisurely ride around the neighborhood and feel the wind on your face. 

Ok, go get outside and have some fun! 




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