Move Over Thinking, Feelings are the new IT

research on sel Oct 16, 2019

Ok, the IT pun may have gone too far, but this study just revealed that emotional intelligence will soon be the most valuable skill in our future economy. Why? Because computers with artificial intelligence can do the thinking jobs, which leaves us humans with what we should be able to do better than any computer -- feel. So, humans who can think of others, play nice, and work together will be the most desirable employee on the market.

What are the implications of this study? Well, the authors are urging educators and educational systems to make the development of emotional intelligence (EQ) a priority. Maybe classes in EQ will be as important as reading, writing, or math one day. It's too bad there's not a fun and sophisticated program out there to teach kids EQ right now. Oh wait......(insert shameless plug for Odyssey here).


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