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Coronageddon: is everyone going overboard?

Uncategorized Mar 13, 2020

Events and gatherings canceled.  Spring break plans ruined. Empty aisles at Walmart, Target, and Costco. Can't find a roll of toilet paper, let alone Clorox wipes or hand sanitizer. Schools shutting down. What the actual *&*#? 

Why is everyone going nuts all of a sudden?  If the risks to my kids and me are pretty low, I shouldn't have to go overboard with these protective measures, right?

The interesting thing about the coronavirus pandemic is our actions are much more about the "we" and not so much about the "I".  Emotional intelligence includes taking care of the inner (me, myself and I), the other (my friends, family and acquaintances), and the outer (our community as a whole). When it comes to COVID-19 prevention, the actions we're asked to take now are less about the risk to us as individuals and more about the impact on society as a whole. We wash our hands neurotically and practice social distancing not because we're worried our kids will get...

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Odyssey's North Star

Uncategorized Mar 07, 2020

What's our deal?

We are obsessed about emotions. We believe that emotions are the biggest driver of our behaviors, decisions, and overall wellbeing. We think that empowering others to understand all of their emotions, positive and negative, big and small, is a force for global good. 

How do we do it?

In fun bite-sized chunks. We're all about more doing and less talking. For you fancy people out there, this is called deliberate practice. We're not here to bore you with the well-established research that helping kids build social and emotional skills is really good for their development and future success. We trust that if you experience something really cool with your kid (hint: this always involves emotions), you'll want more of it and then do more it. 

In, Out, All Around!

We take a 360 approach to building social emotional skills. We engage kids, parents, and the communities we live in. How do we this? First, we think that parents are the biggest...

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Move Over Thinking, Feelings are the new IT

research on sel Oct 16, 2019

Ok, the IT pun may have gone too far, but this study just revealed that emotional intelligence will soon be the most valuable skill in our future economy. Why? Because computers with artificial intelligence can do the thinking jobs, which leaves us humans with what we should be able to do better than any computer -- feel. So, humans who can think of others, play nice, and work together will be the most desirable employee on the market.

What are the implications of this study? Well, the authors are urging educators and educational systems to make the development of emotional intelligence (EQ) a priority. Maybe classes in EQ will be as important as reading, writing, or math one day. It's too bad there's not a fun and sophisticated program out there to teach kids EQ right now. Oh wait......(insert shameless plug for Odyssey here).


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