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What is Resilience?

self-management Oct 04, 2020

What is Resilience?

In physics, resilience is an object's ability to return back to its original shape after pressure or strain has been applied. Psychologists borrow this word to describe one's ability to "bounce back" and adapt to stress or setbacks. As covered in our post on what stress is (click here for that read), stress is anything that demands a change, and if there is something we can absolutely count on, it's that the world is an ever-changing environment. Therefore, our ability to adapt and quickly recover from adversity is a significant factor in our happiness. How we respond to life is in our control. 

Psychologists have studied resilience for a long time. They've been curious about how people recover after traumas, tragedies, natural disasters, health concerns, school stress, and workplace problems. More specifically, psychologists have explored what factors enable a person to recover faster and why some people might get stuck. Understanding this...

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COVID-19 Coop Up: Tip #13

self-management May 19, 2020

Happy Take Care Tuesday!

Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? Given that our position and program considers emotions as the biggest driver of success, we're joining the national movement to raise awareness about mental health. Now more than ever, it's important that no one feels alone. With all of the physical distancing and the uncertainty (here's looking at you COVID-19), the climate is ripe for having big feels that can overwhelm even the most grounded person. 

Tip #13: Get help when you need it

Almost 450 million people worldwide live with a mental illness, yet only a third of these people seek treatment. A huge stigma associated with mental health exists. Some of our tips before this one (healthy routines, connecting with others, helping others, finding the positive) help to increase a person's resiliency, especially during COVID-19. But even when using all of these tools, emotions can still feel big and overwhelming, causing distress...

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SEL Spotlight: Self-Management

Welcome back to our SEL spotlight series! It's our Friday Feature, where we're going to feature something cool on you guessed it, Fridays! 

If you've missed the first 2 posts in this series where we define what SEL and self-awareness are, we encourage you to go back and take a quick peek. 

The purpose of this is series is to create a strong foundation of understanding. We're banking on the fact that the more you know about SEL, the more engaged you'll be in strengthening your and/or your child's social-emotional skills. While we know that knowing and doing are very different things, knowing is half the battle (here's lookin' at you, Gen X'ers). 


Hopefully, you remember that SEL is comprised of 5 five core competencies (no big deal if you didn't...that's what we're here for). Today, we'll be exploring one of the five core competencies, self-management. 

Self-management vibes off of self-awareness and can take things into...

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