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3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Empower Independence in Your Child

Happy Independence Day! 

Today's Friday Feature is brought to you by...Independence Day. We thought it was apropos to celebrate the independence of our country while also promoting the independence of our children.

As a parent, do you ever get tired of washing the dishes, making snacks, bathing children, tidying toys, and picking clothes off the ground? (Um, obvi). Have you ever asked yourself if you needed to do these things? Don't get us wrong, it's not a question of IF these things need to get done. Rather, it's if YOU are the only one that can do it. Many times, parents get into the habit of doing it all that they forget to ask themselves if their children have the ability and thus, responsibility to help or care for themselves. 

Little actions lead to big changes over time. When kids help and become responsible for daily tasks and self-care, these actions build confidence in themselves and trust with parents who then see them more competently. This...

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COVID-19 Coop Up: Tip #14 - Summer Fun Edition

tips to promote sel May 26, 2020

Happy Take Care Tuesday! 

It doesn't feel so long ago where we were trying to adjust to WFH and virtual learning and now...summer is here! With summer camps and vacations canceled and without the structure of the school day, what are you doing to do? 

Tip #14: 10 Summer Ideas

Indoor Fun:

1. Food fun!

Find a few yummy recipes, take a family vote, and make the recipe as a family. Need some inspiration? Check out:

  • Cooking with Kids -  where you can find kid-tested recipes, how-to videos, and food (think "farm-to-fork") education. 
  • Food Network - yup, the same Food Network that brings you DDD, Chopped, and The Pioneer Woman, has a Family & Kids page with easy baking projects, fun weekend breakfasts, and individual-size treats. 
  • BBC goodfood - for fun cooking projects that span the globe.

2. Movie marathon

Pick your family's favorite series. Pop some popcorn, close the blinds, grab some blankets and pillows, and press start!...

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Teacher Appreciation Week

tips to promote sel May 04, 2020

Thank you, Teachers!!

It's that time of the year where we intentionally take a moment to thank some of the biggest influencers in our child's life...teachers! With schools closed and virtual learning in full swing, teachers have had to make some fast and hard pivots to continue teaching their students and we couldn't be more grateful for their continued care and commitment.

"The influence of a good teacher can never be erased"

Traditionally, little tokens of appreciation, lunches, and flowers flood into classrooms this week. But that's not happening this year because, well...COVID-19. Let's not let physical distancing spoil the fun. Here are some ways you can safely and creatively show your appreciation for all of the hard work and dedication teachers put in year-round. Oh, and let's not forget about all of the other people that make school a wonderful place (here's looking at you administrators, office staff, custodial staff, and support staff). 


Have your...

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COVID Coop Up: Turn Worry into Quality Time, Tip #11

tips to promote sel Apr 20, 2020

How are things? 

We hope that this post finds you with some sense of joy. We're not greedy, we're happy even if that feeling of joy is an itty bitty sliver. Bottom line, we care about you and hope that you have some good feels. 

Tip #11: Practice gratitude

This novel corona virus has done a real number on us. With things so uncertain, we can feel powerless. When we feel this way, it helps to focus on what we can control. We've covered one way to do this in Tip#9 and have another one for you. Get grateful. Identifying what we are grateful for helps to keep us in the present moment, which is a key factor to keeping anxiety at bay since it thrives on fear and speculation (yeah, we're looking at you COVID-19). When we can focus on what is good in our lives and what we can control, we stay grounded in the present and we worry less and feel better. 

If you haven't developed a gratitude practice, consider starting one. Don't be intimidated by it. It can...

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COVID Coop Up: Turn Worry into Quality Time, Tip #8

tips to promote sel Apr 03, 2020

How are you?

We're hoping that you have found some ease during this "new (and temporary) normal." For some of us, we're into week three of safer-at-home or shelter-in-place orders (Say whaaaa?). The title of our series "COVID Coop Up" is really hitting home for us. AND, with some of us home during spring break, we literally feel cooped up! 

Tip #8: Get outside

Whoa now. Y'all know what we mean. Get outside, BUT please practice physical distancing (6ft!). Here are some fun ways to get outside...

Dance Party! Neighborhoods all over are hosting dance parties where one neighbor plays music and people dance in their own yards, together! You can get one started by texting your neighbors a date/time, set up a boom box (I see you '80s kids), and then well, dance! Take Shelly Glennon's lead. 

Go for a walk - Ok, we know this isn't the most original idea, but it's still a good one. Get outside and get some sun on your face. If this sounds boring, change it up. Take a...

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COVID Coop Up: Turn Worry into Quality Time, Tip #7

Checking in

How are you doing today? We're hoping that this post finds you safe and healthy. For many of us, we'll continue staying safer at home for the next couple of weeks in order to flatten the curve. However, while many of us are locked down in our homes/apartments, there are people who are facing COVID-19 head on.

Tip #7: Show gratitude to the front line workers

We can't imagine the physical and emotional toll that COVID-19 is having on healthcare workers and first responders. They are the true heroes in the fight against this pandemic. In times like these, showing gratitude especially when we can't help directly, can have a meaningful impact not only for others, but also for ourselves. Here are some ways to show gratitude...

Clap for healthcare workers - All around the world, people are showing their gratitude by clapping outside for healthcare workers during a shift change. Clapping was heard from NYC to Spain to Canada to the UK. Even James Bond...

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COVID Coop Up: Turn Worry into Quality Time, Tip #6

tips to promote sel Mar 30, 2020

How are you?

How are you doing? No, really. How's it going? Are you getting into a new rhythm of daily life or are you struggling? Which ever it is (and anything in between), it's totally ok. For many of us, our roles have instantly multiplied and crash collided over night. 

Tip#6: Be easy on yourself

Our brain is a powerhouse, but sometimes our thinking can bring us into dark places. When life feels hard, as it does for many of us right now, it's good to take a step back and take a breath. Maybe life feels hard right now not because we are doing something wrong, but because it's just all too much. Working from home, teaching the kids, attempting daily routines, keeping the house clean, feeding the family, troubleshooting video conferencing, the list goes on and on and on... 

Know that you have choices in anxious times. Right now, make the choice to take care of yourself and your family, to laugh instead of fighting over a distance...

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COVID Coop Up: Turn Worry into Quality Time, Tip #5

tips to promote sel Mar 25, 2020

How's it going?

Just checking in on you. How are you feeling? For many of us, the novelty of not going to school or into the office has completely worn off. Not to mention that staying at home and away from our loved ones and friends during a time of worry and stress is a weird thing. As humans, we naturally want to come together during times like these, but we can't do this physically. So, how do we handle COVID-19's isolating effect?

Tip #5: Reframe social distancing as physical distancing

The words "social distancing" are on blast everywhere. By now, most of understand the critical importance of staying home and away from dense or crowded areas. This move mitigates the sneaky spread of COVID-19 and protects everyone by flattening the curve. For a (strangely addictive) video graphic about social distancing, check out this video by the Amoeba Sisters. 

Being physically separated doesn't mean that we have to be socially isolated. If you aren't using FaceTime,...

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COVID Coop Up: Turn Worry into Quality Time, Tip #4

tips to promote sel Mar 23, 2020

What's happening?

We hope that this blog post finds all of you safe, healthy, and happy! For those of us in California, our stay-at-home order from Governor Newsom solidified that our kids won't be going back to school until April 19, 2020 (at the earliest), with some school districts planning on a May 5, 2020, return, pending a flattened COVID-19 curve. While this most recent lock down may feel inconvenient, we know that it's a move that protects all of us (our families, our friends, our neighbors, and our community). Join @kevinbacon, who's doing a #IStayHomeFor campaign, helping us identify who we are keeping safe by engaging in social distancing (see, now you're only 1 degree separated from Kevin Bacon -  you're welcome). 

What does this mean?

It means that WFH, teaching our kids, and living in close quarters is the new normal for at least the next month. In this series, our goal is to give you actionable ideas that can direct some of your time to be and...

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COVID Coop Up: Turn Worry into Quality Time, Tip #3

tips to promote sel Mar 20, 2020

You good?

How are you adjusting to the new normal? Isn't it weird how it feels like we've been WFH and homeschooling for forever? For most of us, it's only been 6 days! #OMG #areyouserious #thestruggleisreal @shondarhimes is even feeling it. 

Need help? 

At Odyssey, we love the idea of using tech to get analog (getting back to old school human-to-human vibes) and believe that when tech's powers are used for good, it can serve as an awesome platform for growth and development. We're not the only people who believe this. From big companies to famous authors and illustrators to moms on blogs, here are some *free* (yup, FREE!) services/classes/ideas that you can use in your new role as teacher. 

Tip #3: Use Tech for Good

Audible has launched Audible Stories, a free service that is offering audiobook content for kids, teens, and families. Stories are categorized from the "littlest listeners" to "teens" to "literary classics." You can find...

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